4 Reasons to do Business with Rachel Joyce Organic Salon vs. The Competition

*This post was inspired by a wonderful customer phone conversation recently. Thank you for the feedback and your time.

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4 Reasons to do Business with Rachel Joyce Organic Salon vs. The Competition

1. Job Creation = Value Added

At the time of this publication, Rachel Joyce Organic Salon has created 6 Full-Time jobs
with room for more team members in various professional roles. The vast majority
of our job applicants and 83% of our employees are women of African descent and
83% are working moms or dads. Our goal is to add sustainable jobs to this oft sputtering
world economy that can disproportionately impact minority women and working parents among other groups. So far, accomplishing this goal has required trial and error management methods that any young startup goes through. The end result? A more focused management team with a business model that can actually make a difference in the marketplace. Even those (few) people that our company has disappointed over the years should agree – the mistakes are worth it in the long run if we continue to create good jobs for good people.

2. We Focus on Healthy Hair Education and Professionalism

Would you believe that “seasoned” stylists, prior to completing our training program, have considered performing a relaxer and full sew-in weave on the same day (can you say BREAKAGE)? …Or rinsing conditioner out with warm water instead of sealing the cuticle with cool water (can you say BASICS)?  …Or attempt to make a customer wait 30+ minutes to be serviced when another capable pair of hands is available (can you say TEAMWORK)? Well, believe it. While these situations are rare occurrences, it shows why we’ve committed the bulk of our time and resources into developing a standardized professional training program. We can now  ensure that even new stylists look past short-term gains so they can reap the fruits of helping clients plan their healthy hair journey.  We strive to improve service levels in the natural hair care industry by raising the professional standard with respect to hair styling, punctuality, organization, and management. Natural hair salons have been characterized by lateness, poor customer service, and other unacceptable negative associations that we’re correcting through our service philosophy.

3. We Value Our Customer’s Time

– We don’t overbook so we can respect your appointment time.
– We don’t encourage our customers to have their hair appointment depend on
only one team member’s work schedule.
– We try to find out what you want before you come in so that we can schedule enough time
for your service(s).
– We’re open 7 Days a Week at the time of publication.
– We have knowledgeable phone support to get your questions answered as quickly as possible.

4. We Use Organic Products

If you had the choice between putting coconut oil in your hair or ammonia, which one would
you choose? Believe it or not, some salon goers (possibly unknowingly) choose ammonia.
Ask your stylist if their chosen hair color uses ammonia to open the cuticle and see what they say. Find out for yourself by typing the brand in a search engine and exploring the results. Make sure you know that the color itself might not contain ammonia but the developer/activator may. Be savvy, be smart, and we’re confident you’ll repeatedly end up in either our salon chairs or
those of a local competitor trying to imitate our Organic Salon concept. After all, imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery – and we agree!

In closing, thanks to everyone that has contributed to Rachel Joyce Organic Salon over the years.

– Rachel Joyce Organic Salon Team


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