Scalp Analyzer

Do you suffer from any of the following hair and scalp conditions?


Our Scalp Analyzer and Organic Scalp Regimens can re-balance your hair and scalp without breaking your budget. We provide treatments to help with:

P U R I F Y I N G – Treat Dandruff and Flaking

S O O T H I N G – Soothe Sensitive Skin

R E B A L A N C I N G – Regulate Excess Sebum (Oil)

H A I R  L O S S – Treat Thinning Hair and/or Bald Spots


Scalp Repair Starter Kit Includes:

*Initial Scalp Analysis Consultation

*200x Magnification Hair & Scalp Photos

*Customized Hair & Scalp Plan

*Initial In-Salon Specialty Scalp Treatment

*One 240ml Remedial Hair Bath Treatment

*One 240ml Organic Way Conditioner     

*One 100ml Remedial At-Home Scalp Treatment

*10% Membership Discount on Qualifying Online Product Orders

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